Thanks from Pastor David Ham

Pastor David Ham and his wife Tara have sent their appreciation to the leadership at Whitewell and the people for the encouragement they received during their short stay in Belfast. Pastor David is also incredibly indebted to Pastor David Purse and the leadership for the opportunity to preach for five nights at Whitewell. 

Before leaving on Thursday morning to fly back to New York, the experienced evangelist, who has served with Nicky Cruz, commented “It’s been a wonderful time, and both Tara and I hope it won’t be our last time with you in Belfast. It has been an honour and privilege to serve you all, and I will be sharing with our congregation at Times Square Church all the lovely experiences we had and about the great work going on here in Belfast.”

The feeling is mutual regarding Pastor David Ham’s intentions to return to Whitewell. His winning combination of lifting the name of Jesus and sharing the love of God made him one of our most popular guest speakers in recent years with Whitewellers. 

Pastor David displayed genuine humility, but also produced some amazing preaching and a ministry which proved a great blessing to our church.