By God's grace and under the leadership of the late Jim McClelland, and the Pastors and members of Whitewell, a great ministry has emerged in the village of Kariftu, Ethiopia.  One of the poorest countries in Africa, many people see life as hopeless and without any future.

The complex at Kariftu consists of a 2000-seater church, a school, a clinic and a bakery - a holistic approach to help the people of this area in their spiritual, educational and physical needs.

At our Schools in Kuriftu and also our Kindergarten School and Daycare in Bobagaya all our children receive free education each day. They receive free medical care and free meals through our feeding program, but one of the greatest gifts that each of us can give to our children is the gift of Gods Holy word, for within his Word is life and life everlasting and that is why the heart of our Ministry is to bring the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to hundreds of children and their families through our outreach program .

The Church

The church at Kariftu was officially opened in 2007 by Pastor James McConnell. It is pastored by Bezabih a local Servant of God who is seeing great growth in the church.

Approximately 70 miles away, at Ambo, another miraculous ministry has since developed. The church congregation there has risen to over 2,000 people attending worship each week. A building project is currently underway to facilitate no fewer than 5,000 people. The foundations are now built for the new church and the funding was impressively raised by the congregation at Ambo.



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