In 2010 Pastor Jason Allen and his wife Jolene moved to Kenya to minister full time on the ground with their children, as a missionary family, and they remain there to this date. Jason ministers as a Pastor, and Jolene administrates the Sanctuary and is an occupational therapist. 

The Sanctuary, in central Kenya,  provides quality rehabilitation services to children and adults with disability. It offers rehabilitation services including occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing and medical care, medicine, and equipment such as orthotics and prosthetics, and has a doctor in attendance weekly. All clinical services are offered without charge and done so to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Sanctuary houses a Special Day Care centre that cares for groups of children during weekdays, who would normally get locked in alone during the day, due to poverty-related social circumstances. It also has a Rescue Centre on-site, offering a loving home to children with disability who were either abused, neglected, or abandoned. 

Since 2010, there has also been a very innovative workshop that fabricates special chairs and standing frames, made from recycled cardboard.

The Church in Kenya

The church runs Bible classes in the local prison to teach the pure gospel, and upon completion, they then distribute Bibles to the prisoners. The church helps to support the work of the Sanctuary and has a youth team, men and women’s fellowship.

The ministry began in May 2011, when the local church, Metropolitan Tabernacle Church Nyeri opened. Pastor Jason Allen ministers full time there, aided by Pastor Mary Wahome. Jolene Allen superintends the Sunday Schools and Worship Team ministry. The church runs weekly Sunday worship and Breaking of Bread services, prayer meetings, bible studies twice each week, and has a program of youth work and weekly prison bible outreach.

Update 2019

During the last twelve months, and by the grace of God, the work in Kenya has made tremendous progress. Our dedicated missionaries, Jolene and Jason Allen are grateful to the Lord for His continued faithfulness to the ministry in Kenya over the last year, and indeed for the support of Whitewell Church. The local church continues its work in serving the Lord and being a blessing to the surrounding community. The prison ministry continues, with hundreds of Bibles issued, and many souls responding by coming to the Lord having been taught through the program.

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