Media Team

We believe that media, used appropriately, can greatly enhance service for those attending. It helps spread the gospel far beyond the walls of the church building, enabling those who are shut-in, and those who cannot travel to Whitewell for various reasons, or those who are away on business and even missionaries wanting great ministry from a local church. With physical gatherings limited due to covid, our online ministry has been even more important, with our congregation relying our it, and particularly those who have had to avoid groups of people for safety reasons.

Our dedicated team of volunteers supports all the media and production requirements of our church. We have camera operators, vision engineers, sound and lighting engineers and projection operators. There’s not a single service at Whitewell they don’t take part in.  The team provides all the audio, video and lighting at our services.

We also film missionary reports from Kenya and Ethiopia, provide live video and audio from remote locations back into the service and take care of all the technical facilities at gospel events large and small. With so many aspects of this ministry there are many opportunities to get involved.

Get Involved

Do you fancy getting involved? If you are a member of Whitewell and would like to volunteer for the team, contact us online or speak to Ian or Colin.

[email protected]
++44 28 9077 7074

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