The Shepherd’s Academy ‘Diploma In Biblical And Pastoral Studies’

The ‘Diploma In Biblical And Pastoral Studies’ comprises a mixture of Biblical and theological studies delivered on the Saturday but it also includes other important studies delivered only on the Friday evening aimed at producing a new generation of church leaders. The studies exclusive to the Friday are:-

  1. Leaders And Leadership In The Church

    This set of studies examines the qualities of leaders taking time to consider a few of the great leaders we find in the Bible. This will also look at the responsibilities and challenges of leadership as well as looking at a who’s who of leadership in the local church.

  2. Shepherding Sheep In The Twenty-First Century

    These studies suggest a way forward in helping to deal with a multitude of pastoral concerns and problems church people encounter, from helping them to overcome doubt, overcoming temptation, bringing a biblical perspective to home and domestic situations, resolving strife between believers and much, much more.

  3. Preaching And Preachers

    This module of studies will answer questions like, How do I study the Bible? How do I know what to preach on next? How do I prepare a sermon? How do I deliver a sermon? How do I use a concordance and lexicon? What different types of sermons are there? What pitfalls does the preacher need to watch out for?

  4. How To Build And Run A Church

    This module deals with the main priorities of a church. Appointing church officers. Oversight meetings, trustees and handling church finances. Child protection and church discipline along with a host of other issues important to the smooth and legal running of a church.

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