Required And Recommended Reading

In his farewell letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul writes “...give attendance to reading.”

Because we cannot teach all that is needed, guided self-learning is also an important component of the course. The following is therefore a list of books necessary for reading between Saturdays and Fridays. You may secure these yourself in either hard copy or electronic format or order them at the academy.


  1. You will need a good size print Bible. We recommend either the NKJV, the KJV or the ESV. These are the versions your tutors will be teaching from.
  2. The most recent edition of 'Systematic Theology' by Wayne Gruden.
  3. 'The Book On Leadership.' by John MacArthur.
  4. 'Christ’s Masterplan For The Church.' by John MacArthur.
  5. 'The Holy Spirit - An Introduction.' by David Petts.
  6. 'The Lie.' by Ken Ham.
  7. Roman Catholicism.' by Loraine Boettner.
  8. 'The Pilgrim’s Progress.' (Modern translation) by John Bunyan.
  9. 'Holy War.' (Modern translation) by John Bunyan.
  10. Famine In The Land.’ by Steven Lawson.
  11. The New Lion Hand Book 'The History of Christianity' by Jonathan Hill
  12. 'Chosen By God' by R. C. Sproul
  13. 'The Kingdom of the Cults' by Walter Martin
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