What Subjects Will Be Taught At The Shepherds Academy?

The subjects studied and positions taken will reflect the theological position of the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle as set forth in its current ‘Statement Of Faith.

Over the rolling 3 year course, a number of subjects will be dealt with by various tutors, a few of which (marked **) will only be delivered on the Friday night to the enrolled diploma students. The modules of study include:

  1. What Does The Bible Teach About..?

    This module covers everything from ‘Who is God and what is He like? to ‘What is man?’ as well as election, conversion, adoption, perseverance, glorification, the church, the return of Christ and the new heavens and the new earth and much more.

  2. The Wonderful Story of The Bible

    What is the Bible? How did we get it? Defending it and understanding it.

  3. We Would See Jesus.

    An essential mini-course on the cardinal truths about the Person of Jesus Christ.

  4. Holy Spirit, We Welcome You.

    An introduction to the Person and work of the Holy Spirit and asking the pertinent question, ‘Is Pentecost still for today?

  5. Lessons From The Pages Of Church History For Today.

    Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to make the same mistakes. A look at momentous events and key individuals of the church age.

  6. Ethics And Issues Facing Christians Today.

    Looking at the Bible’s teaching on issues such as morals, homosexuality, marriage, divorce, abortion, suicide, euthanasia, war and self-defence.

  7. Walking With The Giants.

    An inspirational series looking at the giants of the church and an appeal for new giants to tackle the battles of today.

  8. Apologetics, Religions And Cults.

    A critique of other religions and various cults. Sifting the wheat from the tares.

  9. Leaders And Leadership In The Church Today. (**)

    The qualities of Biblical leadership for home and church.

  10. Shepherding Sheep In The Twenty-First Century. (**)

    Advice for those dealing with every kind of pastoral situation.

  11. Preaching And Preachers. (**)
  12. How To Build And Run A Church. (**)


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